(Without the dizzying overwhelm, terrifying tech roadblocks and hair-pulling "WTF Syndrome")

If you're an artist, independent creative, performer or artisan looking to increase your income, grow your fan base and advance your name within your genre, then you probably already

know that you need to be doing some new things to keep up right now.

You don't need to be convinced of what's already weighing on your artrepreneurial mind.


You already KNOW that creating a successful business leveraging your talent

to impact people, leave your mark on the world and scale to huge profits

is a challenge.

You've probably also heard that the arts industry is recorded to be

$63.8bn globally by volume of sales. The US alone has risen to $27.3bn

making them the global leader followed by the UK and China, which

means there's PLENTY of room for you to become an artist rock star.

(Source: 2016 TEFAF Art Market Report

So, I'll skip the obvious and not waste any time.



The FULL Profitable Artist Program

(a $2,997 Value)

You'll get access to all 5 video modules, checklists, resource guides, blueprints, calculators and every tool you need to build your profitable art business with confidence and ease.

Leverage the simple (but powerful) calculation strategies to uncover EXACTLY what you'll get if you commission your work… without wasting precious time and energy on an overcomplicated data crunch.

Develop the skills and confidence you need to be the most recognized and influential artist in your niche or arena.

Build your business THE RIGHT WAY by knowing exactly how to market, brand and sell so that you achieve maximum impact and income… and what practices to stop or improve for a future growth potential.

Complete handholding as you walk through EVERY imaginable step needed to grow and create your profitable art business. (yes, even the wretched tech parts that keep you up at night).

Even if you're lucky enough to be living as an artist today (lucky, lucky you), or you're strategizing on how to get there, knowing exactly how to attract engaged, loyal fans to your artwork or talent and turn them into customers who increase your profits like crazy is the essential piece you need in order to become a highly profitable artist.

It's time to move out of the

'spin cycle' and into the 'win cycle'.

let's talk shop

You can get the right fans to be wildly attracted to your artwork, become dream buyers, and grow your art into a profitable business when you set into motion a clear plan designed specifically for artists.


One that's spelled out in a "now-I-really-get-it" kind of way. One that you can actually implement.


Did I hear an "AMEN"?


That's great. And if you have the drive to become a successful artist entrepreneur, but the only reason you haven't reached that next level is because you a can't seem to nail down the right system, then I know who you are. You're a self-starter, can-doer, yay-sayer who just needs direction and I have exactly what you need that'll help, big time.



 Here's a SHORT QUIZ to TELL if this course is for you. Simply answer yes or no. 





Do you work like a crazy person, but haven't reached the success level you wish for? 

You do your best to advertise, do the social media thing, and even send email updates, but after creating your art (and maybe even working a day job too), you're overwhelmed wondering how to run your business, market your works, and still create your artwork.

Do you want to attract fans to your artwork in a way that leads to more sales? 

You see other artists out there doing it, but you're still trying to figure out how in the

world YOU can get more people to notice you. You're tired. You've tried online

and offline strategies, but haven’t seen the growth you hoped to.


Do you feel like you're destined to be a 'starving artist'? 

You hate to admit it, but you worry that your talents or gifts will go largely

unnoticed. You don't create just for the money, but without more of it you can't keep

doing the awesome thing you do. You find yourself thinking, “All I really want is to stand out above all the noise."


Are you frustrated with information meant for everyone, but you? 

You keep reading about how bloggers, biz coaches and health gurus are growing their businesses, but you really wish there was something for the artist. You need a high impact, results-driven, complete biz e-course designed just for you. You're done wasting time piecing together tips designed to help everyone else. You want something out-of-the-box that'll work for you right now.


Are you sick of working your day job when all you want is to be using the gifts you were given to earn a living instead? 

You spend your days thinking about your creative passions, wishing you were working for yourself doing what you love.


If you answered  Oh Yeah! to any (or all) of the above

then you are sooooo ready for this. 

Now that you have more clarity and it's obvious you are someone who should be leveraging your artistic talent to create your own success in life, actually creating it can be anything but. And if I heard you right, you're saying the following:

become a highly profitable artist? HECK Yeah!

...but how? I've already tried.

Maybe in your most hopeful moments you've made the commitment to figure it out. 

You've set up social accounts, grown your email list or continued your education by taking classes or spending time dedicated to honing your skill. 


You might've gotten better at connecting to your fans or patrons, set up a website, had a logo created and outlined a plan to grow bigger. 

If you're super committed, maybe you have brochures, business cards, and a list of contacts with galleries or venues. Some artists have even invested in marketers and traveled both near and far. 

But even with the best intentions, most would-be highly profitable artists end up abandoning several, if not most, of their efforts, allowing competitors to swoop in and take a stab at their market. 

Here's why most would-be highly profitable artists abandon their efforts: 

Without a super clear, step-by-step growth plan (designed for actual artists), with doable agendas, timelines, checklists and the RIGHT technology (best suited for the artist) in place, most get overwhelmed and completely frustrated bouncing from task to task without a course of action that they can implement and follow that fits the artist profession. 

They fall victim to paralyzing tech and marketing hangups (you usually end up watching videos of experts who make it sound soooo easy), time-draining, never-ending biz tasks, or lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do and in what order to build their art into a legitimate, rolling-in-the-black business. 

Here's why building the artist life you dream of can become so crippling. 

As an already busy artist with patrons to serve, fans to connect to, and maybe even a day job to get to, you literally can't afford to be scattered and disorganized in your efforts. You also need to know how to automate time-intensive tasks, which ones to set up and do first and how.


We've all felt lost in our lives and once you get lost, or tired of not seeing any growth after painstakingly creating your artworks with blood, sweat and tears, you throw in the towel on growing bigger. 

Therefore, this course is one the few things you NEED if you want to grow to the level you deserve. 

And luckily for you, there are actually VERY FEW artists out there doing it the right way. 



Because, thankfully, you live in the right side of your brain more often than the rest of us. That's what allows you to create the awesome things you do.


And it's highly likely that your competitors are STILL wondering how to get out of their right brain and start effectively running their art business once and for all. 

here's how we partner up for

the big game changer

The Artistic Side:

This is where you do your best work. It's where your gifts come alive and it's the reason we admire you!

The Analytical Side:

This is where you most likely need help. If it's not your strong suit, no worries. That's why you're here.

All of this means that even if you think you're not cut out for the whole business, marketing, selling thing, there's still a golden ticket available to an exclusive party where you learn to do it right and convert your art or talent into success. That is… if you can avoid the same deadly mistakes that your competitors are making.

most artists are "starving"

the 3 reasons

the 3 reasons

(and how to guarentee that's NEVER you!)

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3


under-leveraging the business

side of YOUR art

(or worse, not creating a business around you talent at all):

Building a successful lifestyle as an artist is very possible. But there are MANY moving parts and potential failure points. 

How do I run my business and still have time create? What are the most important methods needed to run an art business
in today's world? How does modern technology (and we're not just talking social media here) fit with an old-world skill like mine?

These are just some of the MANY questions you'll have to answer along the way. 

Most artists approach the business side of their work as a "necessary evil". But, in actuality, you must treat the business side of being an artist as an immensely valuable (even paramount) process because when done right, it's the one thing that will earn you more time, recognition and money which are the must-haves if you want to build . 

Time to respect it for what it is, a RESPECTABLE BALANCE TO YOUR TALENT, and approach it accordingly.

Even though online education is a MASSIVE and quickly growing industry - it's not an evenly distributed one. 

A few people will get a HUGE piece of the pie, while many others fizzle out. 

And the main reason for this, as you've likely seen by now, is that while the barriers to entry are relatively LOW… 

… the barriers towards EFFECTIVE EXECUTION are fairly high. 

But as long as you can avoid the biggest blunders that sink most would-be course creators, the path is paved for you and your first profitable online course. 

One that allows you to achieve more freedom, create more income and make an impact while scaling your biz to true profitability. 

The key ingredient to all of this is a course that converts. 

And with your permission, that's what I'd LOVE to show you how to create.

Pssst.... here's a secret

Most Artists Don't Know

Most Artists Don't Know

Even though art is a MASSIVE and continuously growing industry - it has never been an evenly distributed one. 

Some artists are able to get a HUGE piece of the pie, while the rest remain nearly obscure. 

And the main reason for this is that while the barriers to starting an art business are relatively LOW…  the barriers to EFFECTIVELY RUNNING a highly successful art business are fairly high (I point out and solve each one in my course.)

But as long as you can avoid the BIGGEST mistakes that kill most would-be profitable artists, the path is paved for you to build a profitable artist lifestyle. 

One that allows you to achieve more freedom, create more works of art, earn more income and make an impact in the world with your talent while scaling your business to true profitability. 

The key ingredient to all of this is a MODERN system that converts your fans into buyers, collectors or patrons. 

And with your permission, that's exactly what I'd LOVE to show you how to do.

No doubt you've got questions and the answer to these and so many more is YES. The Profitable Artist Course is designed to show you every piece of modern business know-how needed to be a successful artist in today's world.

The Complete A-Z Project Implementation Plan for 
Confidently Creating a Profitable Artist Lifestyle

I've taken everything I've learned from building a national platform serving 700+ American artists in 48 states, writing for the International publication, Art Market Magazine, and my 20+ years of teaching (with over 4,300 students), and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the right high-level strategies, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can grow your art into the career you want.


Yep, you'll learn the strategies behind everything you need to do, but more importantly, you'll have an ultra clear, step-by-step, implementation plan that leaves nothing out and walks you through all the way to completion as you implement it. 

The end result: A profitable business that highlights your talent the right way that can be set up and profited from for the rest of your artist entrepreneurial life.

The Profitable Artist Course

is the first program of its kind that...

is the first program of its kind that...


No fluff. No unneeded modules, and no extra strategies that look super sexy on the surface, but do nothing for your progress.



The A - Z of where you should be marketing, what you should be saying and how to use the platforms so that you can be a confident, powerful, and sought after artist who stands out above others in your field or genre.



Since The Profitable Artist Course is an implementation program, you WILL be getting your hands dirty with a little mix of technology, design and creative thinking. Not only do I make it dead simple, but being a teacher for 23+ years, I take nothing for granted. I am 100% dedicated in teaching you step-by-step to make sure you build your brand and business with confidence.

here's how


NO. 4

NO. 5

NO. 6

NO. 7

NO. 8

NO. 3

NO. 2

NO. 1



mapping out your

art business

  • Complete, 360 degree overview of your art business using a blueprint that will guide you through every step needed to build your profitable creative business as an entrepreneur.

  • 3 *art buyer* validation techniques to discover exactly what people in your market segment want (and are willing to pay for) so that you never have to waste time and energy pushing your works to a group that won't want to buy what you have to offer.

  • The very unique and specific method needed to sell art and how it differs from all other sales funnels. The ASC (Art Sales Funnel) includes 7 simple, *but profound* steps that are highly successful in moving people along through the sales process from stranger all the way to beloved fan/patron. 

  • The step-by-step *powerful* automation strategies that allow you to put your business tasks on auto-pilot so you can get back to creating and connecting with your audience.

  • How to know when you should start with a small bet (ie. a pilot course) and when you have the clear green light to go "all-in" with your big flagship course.

Fundamental Truth #1:
Humans love doing the things they excel at and because we get satisfaction and self exteem from what we excel at, it is no surprise that artists focus and thrive best when they're creating. 

  • They send the course signup page to their friends (that means free qualified referrals for you!)

  • They send in testimonials — meaning you have plenty of real-deal ROI proof to show your future students

  • They share their results, giving you amazing stories to put together fantastic case studies

Fundamental Truth #2You can build magnetic, impossible-to-quit learning experiences, too.

Without the need to learn code, advanced design, or complex theories.

Sign me up!



Let's get going and put some smart moves to work for your art biz.
The Profitable Artist is designed to make you more money, and get you more recognition, and it's available right now and all online.

I’ve taken everything I learned from building my own highly successful art marketing internet business ( from the ground up that serves hundreds of American artists and I've channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the most current and highest converting techniques, but the actual EXECUTION of how you, the artist entrepreneur, can do the exact same thing that big businesses do to make massive profits.

In addition to Artsrow, I've been a public school teacher for over 20+ years and I understand how to teach so you can learn. No fluff. No wasted time. I've laid it out in a simple, clear sequence so regular people like us who aren't marketing or technology gurus (but who ROCK the world with our creativity) can follow and implement it all with ease!

Congrats!! Your art business is going to BOOM! You're about to learn the best strategies to outsmart the average Joe/Josephina and get you on the path to an unstoppable advantage.

If you're wondering exactly what's in store that will

completely revolutionize

your art business,

here's a sneak peek at what you get.

Course Curriculum Overview

(subject to change upon official launch of course)



Module 1:  Branding

How to Define Your Artist Brand to Stand Out Above the Rest

How to Build Huge Audience Passion for Your Art

How to Create High Credibility

How to Present Your Artwork for Highest Sales

How to Optimize Your Artwork to Spread Like Wildfire


Module 2:  Offline Marketing

How to Get Authentic, Face-to-Face Engagement 

How to Grab More Fans and Patrons With 3 Secret Hooks

How to Keep People Engaged After They Walk Away

How to Create a Local Art Market Strategy That Kills It

Module 3:  Online Marketing

How and Where to Get Authentic Traffic

How to 4X Your Growth 

How to Get More Profits Using the Right Online Presentation

How to Create A Posting Strategy That Works


Module 4:  Market - Fans & Patrons

How to Assess the Size of Your Market

How to Jump on Board with Your Fastest Growing Market Segment

How to Compete For and Win Over Fans & Patrons 

How to Convert Your Market's Problem Into Profits

I have established an ever-growing community of artists, patrons and fans - nearly 10K business/artist connections and followers of my articles on LinkedIn, almost 10K amazing followers on Instagram, as well as over 100,000 global visitors to my website, I have international exposure with my featured articles in Art Market Magazine and 23+ years of teaching with over 4,300 students.


These are the ways I've helped hundreds of students learn and hundreds of artists market and build both their online and offline presence and businesses. I am grateful and honored to have become the place where artists works are shared as well as where they are learning to grow their tribes and earn a full-time income using their amazing talent.


As an e-course instructor, public school teacher and business woman, I'm most proud of having the privilege to help others better themselves and their lives. And because I was fortunate enough to launch my own highly successful online business… all using my own resources and social media as the foundation, I feel compelled to share that knowledge with you. 

So, whether you're a seasoned artist or you’re new to the art world with just a fledgling art business, and you aren't sure where to begin, I can teach you the best branding and marketing system for artists that will show you how to get the most out of your talents so you can live the profitable lifestyle you desire.






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