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A self-starter with a soft-spot for the wildly creative, a thought leader for the next generation of artists and an established teacher and writer, Paula's mission is to help you become the successful artist you’re meant to be using your talents to change not only the world around you, but your own. She’s the founder and CEO of Arts Row, the first website of its kind solely dedicated to connecting hundreds of American Artists to patrons by location helping them grow their fanbase, followers and patronage. She created this site to provide industry leading business development and growth for a global audience of creative professionals and amateurs. In addition, she is a contributing writer at Art Market Magazine, the international publication spotlighting the world's most highly respected, living artists. Her work has been published in print and digital and has been seen in countries around the world including the US, UK, Canada and China. Paula Soito has been covered by, or seen in, Art Market Magazine, Follow Magazine, Barnes & Noble, and Rand McNally. Much of her work has been and continues to be volunteer.  


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Credit:  Nigel Skeet
Credit:  Nigel Skeet
Credit:  Nigel Skeet

Paula is a regularly featured columnist in the international art publication, Art Market Magazine. You can find her wide range of topics archived on the magazine website.


Paula is a contributing columnist in the Australian art publication, Follow Magazine. You can visit the magazine website to purchase your own subscription.

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Marsha Bowers, American Artist


I appreciate all Paula and Artsrow have done for me and look forward to continuing my relationship with this wonderful organization for the arts.

Sonali Kukreja, International Artist


Paula is passionate about art and she dedicates herself towards helping artists of all levels to get their talents known to the world. She and her team provide the best customer service! Paula makes sure that an artist is given proper attention

Kat Kleinman,

American Artist


Finding my way down a new path got a lot less scary when I met Paula Soito. She welcomed me to Arts Row, and made my dream of being an artist a reality.


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